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When our 3 year old asked for a FROZEN birthday how could we say no to that sweet little face. I think she was Elsa in a past life! Singing her heart out to Let It Go everyday! We already went through the Frozen faze with our first daughter before the days of Teak & we got a little excited to pretend it was winter in the days of Summer.


Only Seating fit for an Ice Queen would do. We used our TEAK & LACE Kids White Spindle Table, Wood Kids Cross Back Chairs & Fur tucked into the backs.

I used clear glass plates & white napkins that i have in my kitchen (you can get similar ones at Target and Crate & Barrel).

Also found some cute plastic goblets fit for a princess at Party City.

Tree & cake stands in centerpieces are part of our rental collection at Teak & Lace.

I used pine cones on the plates and are an easy find in the park or they have at your local craft store.


I asked Charley what she wanted to give her friends and she was pretty excited about giving them wands! So thats what we did.

Why over do it if you don't have to right ;)


When we asked Charley what she wanted to do at her party she said 'decorate cookies mommy' so thats what we did. I had nanny bake the cookies and Charley frosted them. I bought the sprinkles & icing cans at Michaels.

Cookie Decorating TIP: ALWAYS SUPERVISE 3 YEAR OLDS WITH ICING (i may have learned the hard way this time lol)

A 3 year old party must have is also a KIDS ENTERTAINER. Send in the Clowns has the best Elsa so we called her in to paint faces, make jewelry and have fun with the kids so us parents could enjoy.


Well when your husband is a master foam artist and you just happen to already have an ice berg in your warehouse one must use it for the ultimate FROZEN dessert table.

We also have a lot of vintage sleds and props. You can find similar ones on Amazon or at your local antique store.

FROZEN sign was made by our friend at Sign House of La

Cake was made by Hansens Cakes

Let It Go Cake Topper by SeventhandJ

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