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Teak & Lace Holiday Cookie Party

It's our favorite time of year! The Holidays are here!!! We couldn't resist putting together a cookie decorating party for our daughter who honestly would have a party everyday if she could.

I was at Target (I go with the kids almost everyday to be honest) and found a lot of the inspiration for this party!

This cute party package is available to rent in Los Angeles from Teak & Lace for the holidays!

Printed Materials are available from River and Bridge

AMAZING photograhy by Scott Clark

We invited a few of her friends from school to come dressed in their PJ's and had breakfast for dinner! Every kids dream!

Red & Plaid check invitations in Cookie font available from River and Bridge

Who says pancakes are only for breakfast??.....NOT US!

We set up a pancake bar where kids could pick their toppings:


Chocolate Chips

Turkey Bacon Crumbles

Real Canadian Maple Syrup (of course!)


The kids loved picking their mug with it's own saying (nobody wants a hot chocolate mix up) and topping it off with their choice of toppings.




Candy Canes

Whipped Cream

"Cocoa Love"

"I like it hot"

"Fill me up"

"I want whip cream"


The tables were set with red & black check throws, mini trees, pine cones and an assortment of decorating supplies.

Each little one had a chalk board placemat with their name on it!

Kids brought their cookies home in boxes (sorry parents...there's always room for more sugar...).

Sometimes the cookie monster (daddy) comes in the middle of the night if our daughter has had to much.


I mean really....everyone LOVES a photo booth. The kids got a little goofy (after all the cookies).


We had a little fun with our decor.....WHY NOT?

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