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Metal Collection 

Metal Kid's Table



This is the newest table in our line! 


Color: Grey metal

Size: 29"W x 20"H x 7'L

Seats: A max of 10 kids

Grey Metal Chair

These chairs are made of coated grey metal and have an optional grey cushion available.


Color: grey 


        Seat dimensions: 12.5 inches high x 12

        inches wide x 12 inches deep

        Total Dimensions: 22 inches high x 17   

         inches wide x 15.5 inches deep

Metal Dessert Table

This table is perfect for displaying your little ones birthday cake, sweets, and snacks.


Color: Grey Metal

Size: 27"W x 31.5"H x 7'L

Metal Back Drop

Our backdrops are meant to create the picture perfect backdrop behind your dessert table. It can stand alone and needs 3' clearance in the back for the legs. Our team will set it up upon arrival.


Color: Warm grey wash

Size: 8'W x 7'H

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