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Rental Rules

Well you may think some of these are funny or should be common sense BUT YES....they have happened if you can even believe it! 

TEAK & LACE prides ourselves on the quality of our products so please treat our furniture as your own so that the next customer can have a perfect product as well! 

1. Please no adult butts on our seats. It may look tempting to see if you can sit in that tiny little chair but chances are it will break. 

2. Please do not put our tables upside down on our chairs to make fun forts for your kids! This is very dangerous and your kids may get hurt. They are too cute! Don't do it to them.

3. If you are having your party at a venue and can't have deliveries until 12PM.....please don't tell us to be there at 10AM. Your kiddos may miss out on their cute party decor when we have to continue to the next delivery!


4. Our metal dessert table may look fun to sit your little one on and take a pic of him smashing a cupcake into it but....washing frosting out of screws is no fun task :)


5. When it's raining... MAKE SURE TO HAVE A RAIN PLAN. No guest wants to party in the rain and our furniture is not waterproof. 

6. Please don't stand on our tables to hang your decor. Nobody wants a foot print where they are going to eat....hopefully you didn't step in doo dee.


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